Someone To Vent To @ Adam

Quinn pulled up to the apartment that Adam owned, she but her lip as she fought with herself over whether or not to bother Adam, but she need someone to talk to. Ever since she had went to Sam’s house and taken care of him while he was sick, she felt completely horrible about herself. She had bluntly lied to Sam by not telling him what had happened between her and Santana, a small part of her told her that technically she wasn’t dating Sam nor Santana, but she still felt that she had betrayed both of them. She couldn’t even sleep without being pulled into a nightmare where she either lost Sam or Santana and sometimes, she lost both, she was a mess. She felt tears sting her eyes and she finally got out of the car, slamming it behind her and marching to the door knocking on it violent, if she didn’t talk to someone soon, she would drive herself insane.

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    Quinn frowned, “this sucks” she muttered. She looked at Adam, “thank you again” she hesitated and leaned toward him,...
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    Adam thought for a bit, “Probably just come out and tell him the truth. He’s a big boy. He can take it.”